Load the price list of the PEDAYAK accessories

List the PEDAYAK accessories currently available :


Cart with large wheels (sand)

Articulated bicycle trailer.  
Stabilising floats
Adjustable backrest

Seat cushion


Waterproof padded cushion

Anchor red angler set 1.5 kg


Waterproof pocket
L x H x W : 20x15x7 cm


Paddle in two parts 
 in the side handle-tubes)
Tensioners, blue color (set of 4 pieces)

Net for front and rear bins

Mount with platform for 
installation on the 
side tubes
(Mandatory for all the 
following accessories)
All the following accessories are fixed on the above mount

Fishing Rod holder 
including the support clamped 
on the handle-tubes

Platform (164 x 68 mm) 
with swivel and tilt 
mechanism for fishfinder 
and optional equipment