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PEDAYAK is the only kayak in the world with real keels. Even though their main objective is to protect the propeller and rudder, in shallow water or on the beach, they also function as "anti-drift" allowing a good behaviour with sail, in particular to sail upwind.

So PEDAYAK is the only one kayak capable of sailing in all wind directions.

In short, PEDAYAK with its sail is probably the smallest existing sailing and "motor" boat, with amazing qualities under sail, able to sail in shaped seas, with winds up to 15 knots (27 km/h) and even much more with the TRIO, DUO and PRAO : 20 knots (37 km/h).

The whole thing is a real mini sailboat, balanced, healthy, with amazing performance : PEDAYAK can overcome 5 knots (10 km/h) with its sail.

If necessary, a few strokes of the pedals can be used to help tacking change or gybe quickly, manoeuvre in a port, return when the wind drops or go to safety. The user is comfortably seated, leaning against his backrest, in the direction of travel, seeing forward on 180°. Learning and handling are simple and intuitive.

In the PEDAYAK TRIO (trimaran), DUO (catamaran) and PRAO (1 side float) versions, le craft stays flat even in gusts of wind, it is very safe, it goes straight. The TRIO and PRAO allows excursions and raids further away from the coast in complete safety, but also learning and beach recreationnal activities. If the wind forces excessively, the sail can be easily neutralised by taking the rigging out of its base and, as it floats, and then towed to shore.

One or two rigs of PEDAYAK can also be installed on the PEDAYAK DUO which becomes both a real sailing and human powered catamaran particularly stable.

The rigging consists of an aluminium two-parts mast, not guyed, placed in a reinforced and waterproof well through the hull, and a 3.6 mē sail specially designed for the PEDAYAK. Rigging PEDAYAK takes 5 minutes.












See the PEDAYAK SAIL video