See the PEDAYAK PRAO video

PEDAYAK DUO assembly

Load a PEDAYAK PRAO pdf presentation
See the PEDAYAK DUO video
Load a PEDAYAK DUO pdf presentation


PEDAYAK is basically a single seat version. Although it can also accomodate one or two additionnal lightweight persons seated frontward or rearward, like kids.

The direct drive steering system directly operates the rudder under the hull, allowing an amazing maneuverability through quick response and efficiency. A sliding steering stick located under the hand controls the helm. It can be installed on the right or left side of the PEDAYAK, according to your preferences. See the video 'Use and operation".

The PEDAYAK can turn on itself when combining the steer and the propeller forward and reverse. The faster you go, the easier it turns out. You can take turns at 90° degrees, and get a lot of fun!

For an additionnal safety, a paddle can be carried. It is housed inside the two sides handles.

PEDAYAK is certified in accordance with the "Division 245", the law governing small boats. The manufacturer (Aquaphile sarl) has a manufacturer registration from the Administration.

PEDAYAK is delivered as 
standard with:
- An adjustable backrest seat, 
- A paddle (housed in the side 
   handle tubes)
- A waterproof pocket
- A transportation cart 

Features of PEDAYAK:

Self-draining rotomoulded polyethylene hull.



A lot of accessories and specific equipments are available in option, see page "Accessories".


With an intermediate frame simply fixed in the spaces provided for this purpose on each hull, 2 PEDAYAK become a catamaran.
The mounting takes five minutes, see the video.

It offers you a comfortable trampoline that can accommodate up to 4 additional people, allowing you to sunbathe away from 
the beach, dive, swim, picnic, or bring camping or diving equipment with you, etc. 













Features of PEDAYAK DUO:

Length 3,60 meters (11 feet)

Width: 2,86 meters (9.4 feet)

Weight: 84 kg (185 pounds)

Floatability: 900 liters (238 gallons)




In the spirit of the Polynesian swinging pirogues that crossed the Pacific, a stabilising float is added on one side and maintained with a " trampoline " structure, the same as that of the PEDAYAK DUO. But unlike the DUO, there is only one pedal boat.

It offers you a comfortable trampoline that can accommodate up to 2 extra people, allowing you to sunbathe away from the beach, go for a swim, have a picnic, or take camping or diving equipment with you.

The PEDAYAK PRAO is a device that allows both beach-side leisure activities and navigation for raids and excursions further from the coast in complete safety. With its rigging it becomes a very pleasant sailing boat, always flat and running straight, even in gusts of wind.






Features of PEDAYAK PRAO:

Length 3,60 meters (11 feet)

Width: 2,75 meters (9 feet)

Weight: 58 kg

Floatability: 570 liters